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Baba Sali’s – Chaare Nissim’s Synagogue, Jerusalem Layout and interior design

Dear friends from all over the world,

Let’s participate together in the layout and the furnishing of the Baba Sali’s Synagogue Complex and the Chaare Nissim’s Study Center located in Jerusalem.

Recommendations of the Great Rabbis of Israel and Jerusalem

18 Tamouz 5776

July 24, 2016

By this letteri'm giving my approval for the initiative of  Tsidkat Eliaou's association for Torah and charity. The cooperative leaded by Rabbi Raphael Amsellem: son of the venerated Rabbi Nissim Amsellem zal (God bless his memory, and may his mitsvos follow us).

Rabbi Nissim Amsellem (may God bless his holly memory) had the merit to found a Beth Hamidrash dedicated to the Torah's studies and the pray "Ohr Yaacov Ve israel". This Beth Hamidrash is founded on behalf of two gold treasures: our holly master Rabbi Yaacov Abih'ssera Zatsal (may his merit protect us) and his grand son our holly master the Tsadik Sidna Baba Salé -may his merit protect us-that makes the pride of Har Nof's neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Now, the Tsadik Rabbi Nissim Amsellem passed away (zal), the association had in mind a magnificent project that would make grow and glorify the holly Torah, a project build in his loving memory named "Chaaré Nissim" were will be provided Torah's classes. "Then the earth will be filled by God's enlightenment as waters recover the ground"

May the one that provides assistance and support to a Torah's space edification always be blessed, in the interest of those that loves Her and make it a priority in their inner life.

That's a tree of life for those who are attached to it, and the one who will support it, will deserve gladness.

I undersigned with my great blessing, 

Rav Yitshak Yossef Rishon Lezion Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
President of the Holy Rabbinical court

Tampon Rav yossef


With God’s help, blessed be His Great name.

Erev Shabbat, Parasha Pekoudei, second day of Rosh Hodesh Adar B.

A call to performing a Mitzva

My brothers, I address the generous among our nation. Lift your hands to the Kodesh and glorify with generosity and largess this momentum toward Hashem, to support and strengthen the association “Tsidkat Eliaou”. It has the great merit of having established a synagogue in the name of the great Maran Hagaon Rabbi Yaacov Abuh’atsera Zatsal and in the name of his grandson Hagaon hakadosh Rav Israel Abuh’atsera, Sidna Baba Salei. Thus, giving the name of “Ohr Yaacov Veisrael” to the Synagogue.

And now, the pure souls of its leaders have done a great and wonderful act by creating a complex Beit Hamidrash/Kollel by the precious name of Shaarei Nissim, on behalf of the Tsadik Hakadosh Rabbi Nissim Amsellem, may his memory be a blessing and his merits a protection for us.

 This complex in the neighborhood of Har Nof, heart of the beautiful city of Jerusalem, will be a place of Torah and prayer, where the Torah will be magnify and glorify of all her splendor.

To perform all this, the association Tsidkat Eliaou bought a building at a very high price, with the help of many loans of high amounts. Unfortunately, it is still far from completion and the synagogue still requires a major renovation and expansion to make it suitable as the house of God. Much restoration is still needed to fulfill his function and purpose and to receive the public with due respect to his honor.

Anyone who contributes financially to this house of God will be rewarded by Hashem with protection, increase light and glory.

Fortunate is the one who understands the value of this great Mitzva. It is a tree of life for those who cherish it and a source of happiness for those who support it. Thanks to this beautiful Mitzva we will have the merit to bring a speedy deliverance and the redemption of our souls, Amen.

Hoping and waiting for the day of the announcement, when the crown will be restituted to its ancient splendor, holiness and purity, speedily and in our days, Amen.

Shlomo Moshe Amar
Rishon Lezion
Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem
Cachet Rav AMAR


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