Beit Midrash, study center Shaarei Nissim

Rav Nissim Amsellem Zatsal

This study center is dedicated to the memory of Gaon hatsadik, Rav Nissim Amsellem Zatsal. His strong faith in his Creator helped him keep his own inner world in all its splendor, purity and spiritual elevation. He has devoted his entire life to the study, teaching and strict observance of the Torah. Until his last days, he was a perfect Torah Master, a very great Talmid Hacham.

The Beit Hamidrash activities


Beth Hamidrash - SiffriaThe Beit Hamidrash

Courses of Torah and Talmud are given at the study center. Our program includes the teachings of our great Rabanim. We study the beautiful comments of our holy and revered teacher Rabbi Yaacov ABIH’SSIRA Zatsal those of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato “HaRamh’al”, as well as the Maimonide and other great luminaries of our Torah. Finally, we enrich our sessions with fascinating shiurim of Halakha.


Before dawn, a group of courageous people meets to study the holy texts. They participate in a lesson of Torah given in the Beit Hamidrash every day before the tefila of Shacharit at Netz (Sunrise).

Ohr Yaakov VéIsraël organise une heure de Limoud chaque vendredi
« KOLLEL  - Erev Shabbat »

Ohr Yaacov Veisrael organizes an hour of Limud every Friday (one hour before Shabbat) in memory and for the elevation of the soul of our master Maran Rishon Lezion- the Prince of Torah - Rav Ovadia Yossef Zatsal.

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