Man should always anticipate the prayer before facing times of distress or other problems. (Sanhedrin 43b).

La force de la prière est immenseTefilah is the greatest power given by Hashem to the people of Israel, according to the words of our Sages Z’l on the verse (Isaiah 41-14): “Do not be afraid, you worm Jacob, little Israel, do not fear, for I myself will help you”. What power has the little worm? The strength of the Jewish people is in his words, because through prayer we can transform and reverse situations.

We will always have in mind the teaching of our Sages z’l on Rabbi Hakadosh, Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi. The latter was seriously ill. He asked the member of his family, if he were to die to hide his death from others. He explained, « Right now, everyone is praying for my recovery. If they learn about my death, they will cease to pray. However, if I die and they continue to pray for me, I will resuscitate. ».

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We can learn from this story the power of tefillah. Even a dead person can resuscitate through prayers.

We must make every effort so that all our possessions find their origin in tefillah. For example, before buying a house we shall pray a lot for it, before opening a business, we shall implore Hashem for his blessing. Indeed, something acquired without prayer is like a building without foundations.

We relate the story of a Yeshiva student, a Torah Scholar, perfect in his good traits. For these very reasons, the Rosh Yeshiva offered him his daughter as a wife. Surprisingly, the student refused. “ My daughter is not perfect enough for you? I was sure of your agreement, are you displeased with me or my family? ” asked the Rav.

The student, (who was to become a great righteous of his generation) answered: “ The day of Yom Kippur, I did not pray to get married; this is the reason for my refusal. I must first ask Hashem to help me find the wife that suits me best ”.

Although, the person has prayed and has not yet received an answer, he shall not despair and stop praying. Our Sages teach us on the verse (Psalm 27:14): Hope in Hashem, be strong and take heart! Yes, hope in Hashem; and do not stop repeating your prayer!

We learn from our teacher Moshe one of the essential foundation of Tefillah. When Miriam was covered with leprosy, Moshe was greatly distressed and begged Hashem to heal her. Moshe had a debt of gratitude towards Miriam for having saved his life, when the Egyptians decreed the death of newborns male. Nevertheless, leprosy comes from the sin of Lashon Hara.
Moshe gathered all his strength to pray for the recovery of his sister. Here is his prayer (Bamidbar 12-13): “ Please Hashem heal her! Please! ” and if we understand the essence of this tefillah, we will have the key to salvation from all sufferings.

Moshe pleaded Hashem, “ Master of the world, shall it be Your will to cure my sister Miriam! ”

As we try to persuade a man, Moshe tries to convince Hashem somewhat to instruct Himself to heal Miriam.  This is the meaning of “ Heal her please! ” The great secret of Tefillah is to ask Hashem to make my own will as His. In doing so, it is most certain that our tefillot will be answered from Heaven.

We all need Divine Mercy, for every day come with its difficulties. After committing ourselves to improve, and reading the Tikkun Nefesh (a series of Psalms), lets gather our problems and pray to Hashem: “Hashem please, heal her,please!” We shall ask Hashem to heal us from all our physical, moral and materials illness. And then we can almost be certain to be heard from Heaven.

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