Launching renovation of Ohr Yaacov VeIsrael

Ohr Yaacov VeIsrael will soon begin an active phase of renovation and partial rebuilding of the synagogue in Jerusalem and is actually seeking for many ambassadors, patrons, donors to be able to start working quickly on problems especially of deterioration.


Buying stones

You can buy stones according to your possibilities and participate in this way to the renovation of the Synagogue and Beit HaMidrash (Torah study center).

Participating actively in the renovation

You can take charge of the financing of the secured Aron Hakodesh, air conditioning, library, furniture, decoration, luminaries, etc...

You can also dedicate your donation to the memory of a beloved departed.

Become a patron or ambassador of the synagogue/ Beit Hamidrash

It is possible to involve yourself more fully in this beautiful Mitzva of rescuing the synagogue in Jerusalem. You will realize a philanthropic work of spiritual dimensions in the field of Torah by financing a part of the budget.

A very important way of participating to this noble action is by presenting us to your friends’ circles and acquaintances, in order to give the possibility to a larger number of people to associate themselves to this so important mitzvah of perpetuating and spreading the teaching of Torah in the holy city of Jerusalem.

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