Leilui Nishmat

The elevation of the soul

The staff of Tsidkat Eliaou has the pleasure of recommending a series of actions which all of us are obliged to carry out throughout our lives, up to 120 years, for the elevation of the soul of your beloved departed.
Here are the main actions, which according to the Midrash, will lead to the elevation and satisfaction of the soul in the eternal world :

  • Reading the Mishnayot during the first year after a close family member has departed (the word neshama – soul is made up of the same letters as Mishna)
  • The mitzva of Tsedaka on behalf of a departed
  • The mitzva of Bikur Cholim (visiting and comforting the sick)
  • Hospitality (hachnassat orchim)
  • Limud (Torah study) or attending shiurim (classes)
  • Reciting the Kaddish prayer, without interruption for the entire first year, during the daily prayers of shaharit (morning), minhah (afternoon), and maariv (evening).
  • Reciting Tehillim (Psalms) on a regular basis during the first year.

In return, be assured that you will obtain divine protection and benediction,


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