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Tsidkat Eliaou is an official charity organization created in the memory of the Tsadik Eliaou Amsellem Zatsal, father in law of Sidna Baba Sale. The organization consists of a group of brave volunteers – doing all they can – for the past several years to help the most helpless people.

This active team distributes to each family (directly at home to preserve their dignity), every Sabbath eve and Jewish holidays, food and minimum financial aid. The organization collects also clothing (in good condition) for redistribution.

These families who are living in dire condition (which is tearing the heart of every merciful person) are helped daily by the TSEDAKA FUND OF TSIDKAT ELIAOU.


Supporting Tsidkat Eliaou means that you are directly assisting nearly a thousand people living in Jerusalem.

All sort of families in need: poor, widowed, orphaned or affected by disease. All are living in terrible conditions, awaiting help without daring to ask for Tsedaka.
They have a vital need of our help, YOUR HELP.


Hagaon Hatsadik Rav Nissim Amsellem zatsal.
By the kotel after the recitation of Shir Hashirim, holding in his hands the manuscript parchment of the Song of Songs.
To help the association to succeed in its mission, the Rav NISSIM AMSELLEM zatsal (disciple and brother in law of Sidna BABA SALE), president of Tsidkat Eliaou, appeals to everyone’s generosity. Great Rabbanim from Israel and France recommend Tsidkat Eliaou. We rely on your generosity! Every donor will receive a special blessing (bracha), so go ahead and join us in participating in this great mitzvah of Tsedaka..

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” Open your heart, give and give again …
Allay these poor unfortunate people… And Hachem will delight you! “

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