Hagaon Hatsadik Rav Nissim Amsellem z'tsl : already one year !

February 2016 marks the departure from this world of a great authentic Tsadik: Rav Nissim Amsellem zatsal. He left us just a year ago living behind him a large void. A great nobility, a great wisdom, a great humility, his deep love for Torah and his fear of G. made him into a personality beloved and respected by all, leaving an impression on all hearts and minds from Algeria to Jerusalem. For all his family and all those who have approached him, he left too early…” You misses only one dear and…” everything is different. His lucidity, his affection, his advices, and his blessings are missed by all those who knew him.


A devoted and well known spiritual guide

The Rav Nissim Amsellem zatsal guided many people, families and students. He blessed them on every events and as the Talmud says: “G-od has decreed and the tsaddik cancels… the tsaddik decrees and G-od accomplishes.” Many testimonies have confirmed this assertion, especially during the week of Shiva (seven days of mourning) for the Tzaddik. Many personal stories were told about the rav’s intervention to help them have a better health, get a complete recovery, make a happy union or have the happiness of finally becoming parents.

We also witnessed the praises of Rav Nissim Amsellem by the greatest Rabbanim and personalities of Israel as the Rav David Yossef shlita, the admur Rabbi David Abih’ssira shlita, Baba Baroukh shlita and many others authorities of Torah. The local and national Jewish press talked about it abundantly as well as the Jewish press of Europe and United States.  Note also that this event was related in some Algerians newspapers, picture in bonus.

An innate vocation, an international priesthood

After completing secular studies, the Rav studied at the yeshiva of the Tsaddik Baba Salei in Morocco with his study partner, Baba Meir, son of the Tzaddik. Back to Algeria he practiced the profession of a voluntary Rabbi, during 22 years. Unbelievable!

Married and father of 10 children, he is repatriated to France during the independence of Algeria. He settled down in Lyon, where he rebuilt his life by becoming a regional Rabbi, and then by serving as a Rabbi to the community of Pau. His hexagonal journey ends in Nice where he founded a synagogue with some intellectuals, while attending the Kollel of the city. In 1994, he made his Alya with his family to Jerusalem where he is welcomed by an American Rabbi who had installed a synagogue in the very building where he lived. It is here, in the neighborhood of Har Nof that the Rav will spend the rest of his life praying and teaching the Torah

A high center of prayer and study  

Remembering the life of the Gaon Hatsaddik Rav Nissim Amsellem zatsal is not necessarily synonym of melancholy or sadness. On the contrary, it is a question of taking resource in his teaching in order to continue serving Hashem and diffusing the Torah! The last wishes of the Rav were:  “Keep this place, enlarge, rebuild, restore and bring back to norm the synagogue”. The latter, in which he has officiated and prayed since 1994, almost became a simple commercial or resident local, during the last months of his life. However he fought and even took a loan so that this place retains its first vocation: a center of study and payer, THE HOUSE OF G. AND ITS TORAH.

It’s a synagogue but also a Beit Hamidrash by the name of the Tsaddik “Shaarei Nissim” where courses of Talmud, Halkhot, Mussar, Guemara, Mahshava, Parashat Hashavua are given. The teaching of our Masters is part of the cursus with the study of the fabulous commentary of our holy and revered master Rabbi Yaacov Abih’ssira zatsal, as well as those of Rabbi Moshei Haim Luzzato called the “Ramhal”, the Maimonide and many other great authorities of Torah.

For us to continue this project, now by associating us to this noble Mitzva!

We call upon all those people of goodwill, all those who want to participate to this work of Torah initiated by the Gaon Hatsaddik Rav Nissim Amsellem zatsal.

Please contact us : Israël 1800 260 360   I   USA & Canada +(1) 347 457 3877

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As the Rav wished to welcome the Mashiah in his life time, we hope that he will be the one to allow him to come!

May his merit help the Jewish People. Amen

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