Tsidkat-Eliaou gives support to the needy of Jerusalem, and offers you the opportunity to be a partner in our different actions. In return we will send delegates to pray for you at the Kotel or on the graves of Tzadikim.

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  • Children of Jerusalem

    Children of Jerusalem

    Help children of Jerusalem coming from helpless families

  • Hessed


    Discover all of our actions: food, clothing and financial aids, (vouchers)…

  • Tzedaka


    The power and wonders of Tzedaka, a « defender » for…

  • Bikur Holim

    Bikur Holim

    Hospital rounds and distribution of goodies to sick children…

  • Leilui Nishmat

    Leilui Nishmat

    We recite the Kaddish, and undertake actions in the memory of…

  • Special PETEK at the Kotel

    Special PETEK at the Kotel

    We will be your messengers to insert your name and prayer between the stones of the Kotel…

  • Berakhot


    Prayers by the Kotel and on the graves of Tsadikim during 40 days…

  • Tzadikim


    Discover the miracles and wonders of our master Baba Sale.

  • Tzadik E.Amsellem

    Tzadik E.Amsellem

    The tzadik’s life, Rabbi Elyaou Amsellem Zatsal, father in law of the Sidna Baba Sale…

  • A righteous man

    A righteous man

    About Tsadikim it is written (Yirmiya / Jeremiah 7.4) ...

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Le Jeûne du 10 Tevet


Le Jeûne du 10 Tevet

Durant 850 ans, le peuple d'Israël a habité le pays de Canaan depuis le jour où ils y étaient entrés sous les ordres de Josué. Plus de 20 générations après...

How to acquire the weapon of victory ?


How to acquire the weapon of victory ?

Rav huna brings in the name of Rav Binyamin son of Levy: “Here is a parable: One day a king told his son,” Go faraway to trade”. He replied, “I am afraid of robbers and pirates”.

Receiving of the Torah - Rabbi Yosef Chaim Schwab
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Help needy children of Jerusalem


Help needy children of Jerusalem